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The paradigm of anyone who wants to invest their money saved is that your choice is totally and absolutely safe, not to run any risk given by the initial capital nor the interest that has been generated the same throughout the time. But this security is closely related to two other aspects to consider too: the performance and availability. Profitability is the ability of a financial product to grow our capital, based on established interests. In turn, the availability refers to the possibility of the money invested time, for example, be an immediate current account, while a tank is fixed to the end. Here we have some tips to help you to save money.


how to save money


It should be borne in mind that these three concepts: safety, profitability and availability, not get along very well, and when they grow in the last two, will lower the first. Analyzing the financial market, we see three options to save without risks:

Accounts: are accounts that offer a higher interest than usual, for new customers of the entity, or its balance increases and customers. Of course, they have all the safety possible, since our money is fully guaranteed in normal situations, and immediate availability, as the money paid to an account is considered as quasi-liquid. Being aware of the various offerings of banks and savings banks, we can get an acceptable return to our savings.

Deposits: This financial product is depositing a certain amount of money under the commitment not to withdraw until the date of expiry. Here security is virtually absolute, as the Deposit Guarantee Fund covers up to 100,000 Euros per person in each bank or savings bank. You lose, against, on standby because if you withdraw money before the due date, you will lose a portion of the interest earned. Profitability is well above the current accounts.

Guaranteed investment funds: Mutual funds are collective capital formed by the contribution of many small savers, and managed by a finance company. These companies invest funds in various fixed income securities and variable, but always ensuring the return of capital input. The yield is higher than in the previous cases, and the availability is immediate. However, security is not total, and that if the fund is in deficit, you can’t remove the interest on our money.


If you’re interested on saving money you can read all the news that appear every day to find more tips that will help you.


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