Banks with no monthly fees

Banks with no monthly fees are usually the online ones. Amongst the most known are ING Direct and Ally Bank, but many “traditional” banks have their online branch. And there are other banks that does not charge for having an account but then stablish some fees if you use an ATM or apply for any other service (is convenient knowing every detail).


You can open a e-bank account in Openbank, part of Bank of Santander, which doesn't have fees and it also gives some advantages regarding Visa cards. ING Direct, as we've said, is one of the most famous and strong online bank, it does not have fees, do not requires a monthly deposit like big traditional banks and it works “hand in hand” the client's original bank, but at the same time “aside” it.


The other we've mentioned, Ally Bank -which it's becoming more and more popular-, works in the USA and it does not needs a minimum balance of money to open an account, does not surprises clients with ATM fees (available nationwide) or monthly fees because it works the same way ING does: it has no physical locations, eveything is made on the phone or on the Internet. WTDirect work also online, without monthly fees, and it allows clients to have an unlimited number of external accounts linked to the bank, while other institutions limit the number of linked accounts to three.


banks with no monthly fees


Barclays bank is a very powerful bank located in many countries around the world, it has no monthly fees, it does have actual offices where customers can go and whoever has an account there has his or her money available anytime. If a client balance in U.S.A.'s TD Bank is at least $100, he or she can have the advantages of not paying monthly fees and have free online banking, ATMs access or free bill pay. PNC does not charge clients monthly fees and its debit card is also free of additional charges. Invest Direct free online checking account has no monthly fees and it does not charge anything if you transfer money to other bank accounts you own. Perkstreet Financial has been recommended by The New York Times or The Boston Globe, and it has no monhtly fees, it offers free paper checks, free electronic money transfers, and a wide net of  surcharge-free ATMs.


National Australia Bank, NAB Classic Banking, does not have monthly fees either in accounts or when using Australian ATMs.


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