Banks with free checking

A free checking account is the one that allows you to put a part of your money in the bank, creating a relationship, but with no charges or fees at all for that reason. There is no minimum balance, you don't have to pay for a monthly service and the action of creating the new account itself carries no charges. Nowadays, it is been more and more difficult to find banks which offer free checking accounts, because, due to the current crisis everyone tries to make the most of everything. Since hidding your money under your mattress is not a real and safe option for your money, you will need to leave it somewhere, and that place has to be a bank (or a credit union). So this is why they take profit of that situation charging you some fees that you could have avoided just a few years ago.


We have to say that in the majority of banks that demand this fees the option of not paying them also exists, you only have to match some criteria, like having a minimum amount of money in the account. Many people think that the free checking is disappearing because even the most basic services are no longer free anymore in a great amount of banks, so if you are aware of a bank that still has free checking for its clients maybe that will be one of the best options you will find at the moment, at least regarding this aspect.


It is true that banks with free checking can offer other types of features to balance that situation in which they could be losing money. One of the solutions to counteract is to offer more protection to the people, making sure that this time that the client pays for it. For instance, they can offer an overdraft protection, which mainly consists on the covering of any outstanding charges due to insufficient money on the account, carried out by the bank. 


As a piece of advice, if you make a research on the web it will be easier to find banks with free checking.


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