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Germany has classified banks into three main groups: public sector banks, cooperatives and commercial banks, and 75% of all transactions are carried out by them. Public sector banks are composed by Landesbanken (they are similar to regional banks) mostly owned by the federal states in which they are located, HSH Nordbank or Landesbank Baden-Wüttemberg are examples of it. We also find Sparkassen (Die Sparkasse Bremen AG, Hamburger Sparkasse AG...) or saving banks, working as commercial ones and decentralized, each of those banks is independent from the others, they focus on local costumers and they are not profit  intitutions.


Private commercial banks are standard banks offering saving accounts, or lending money, etc., and the largest banks in Germany are of this kind: Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank AG. Cooperatives are composed by the association of members sharing the same responsibility in business, DZ BANK AG or WGZ-BANK represent this. If we had to classified these banks upon their activities, we could say they are either universal or spezialised  banks.


Above all there is the German Federal Bank, or Deutsche Bundesbank, Germany's central bank and the institution which issues banknotes, supervising commercial banks or managing currency reserves. Therefore is the most important part of this system.

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Wkz Bank

Royal Imperial Deutsche Bank


Heller Bank Ag

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