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The bank Hsbc Bank is one of Cambodia's most important banks being a reference in products such as debt resolution, western union® money transfer, start your mortgage and check card.

The bank Hsbc Bank is one of the most famous, trying many services as:

  • View Rates
  • Home Mortgage
  • Financial Data Vendors
  • Find An Advisor
  • Personal Life Insurance

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Where are the branches in Cambodia?

Publish by F Garrett 2012-09-17

How can i find the branche office of HSBC in Phnom Penh?

Publish by Tee B.Polk 2013-06-27

I could not find HSBC in Phnom Penh. Could you tell me where?

Publish by Sothea 2014-10-07

I cannot find a branch in Phnom Penh?
Can you tell me where to find a branch in Cambodia?

Publish by Peter 2014-11-22

I could not find HSBC in Phnom Penh. Could you tell me its location ?

Publish by Seivoly Yong 2014-12-12

I could not find HSBC in Phnom Penh. Could you tell me where?

Thank you

Publish by Vincent HANG 2015-02-25

Dear sir,
I would like to have any wonder that Does HSBC locate in Phnom Penh, Cambodia?

Publish by Sophan Chap 2015-05-11

Of course I need the loan amount of money to run a business. Actually I have an agreement with supplier in ShenZhen,China

Publish by Yorn Kosal 2016-03-03

does it really exist ? Cannot find any address

Publish by laurent_dubois 2016-06-17

i want to know where is hsbc bank in Phnom Penh ?

Publish by thida 2016-06-30

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