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In Benin, one of the banks most important is the bank Atlantic because it has products such as payment protection for loans and, insurance or reinsurance.

You can contact and request more information on any of the following Atlantic bank services:

  • Protect Your Credit Card
  • Financial Transaction Tax
  • Currency Exchange
  • Mastercard Securecode

If the bank Atlantic does not fit your needs, try to visit the Intercontinental Bank Atm Department Center's bank offices in Benin.

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I got an offer for a loan, help le .. and why do I have to pay a fee so high .. Police say that Interpool přešdem fees may not apply in the case of Nigeria, the treaty was sent to me is not complete, spherical notary stamp is missing, there are glued signs and only this one lacks a stamp the rest .. I am aware that this is a scam, please can apply for such loan did not have to pay in advance? I was sent to Nigeria and has almost 100.000CZK promises nothing but fraudsters

Publish by inna szabó 2012-03-08

COTONOU - BENIN REP TEL: +229 97917014

Publish by CEPSA 2012-06-15

Your bank for a loan of 10 000 received from me for 9 500. This is normal, or is a fraud

Publish by Irina Maksimova 2015-01-16

Good day,

I want to enquire if there is things like keeping a trunk containing monies in your bank. Because i am in constant comunication with a lady saying that she want to leave her fortune to me.but i do not know her.
she is claiming that there is something like 1000.000 euro in your bank.
please help me with information before she dupe me.


Publish by GEORGE 2015-04-02

Dear sirs,I have sent an e-mail,to know waths going on about my denounces.Till now didn't receive any answer.I have sent money to receive a certain amount as a Loan,and the people was supose and presented as Adm of the A.B.,just dissapear.
Need reply.I'm ready to report,FBI,Interpol,Ecowas,if have not info.

Publish by Jorge Ferreira 2015-08-11

Hello, pleas contact me no! Becaus i have send a lot of mony to Mr MAGUY ADIGBE to a loan in hes bank! They promiss e me that a have The money to day but its not happening! Pleas tell me when my money come to me!?mvh
Pleas send The money to me to day as Miss Charlotte Nielsen promiss me to do to day!

Publish by Bengt Nilsson 2016-02-26


I'm from Papua New Guinea and would like to ask you if your institution gives loan to other countries.

Kind regards
Roy Esso

Publish by Roy Esso 2016-04-04

Dear sir/madam i apply for a loan amount of 5,000 BD under atlantic bank benin cotonou.

They send me some papers to ask me for sign
And also they told me to send some fees for the loan prosses. The problem now i done all paper work with them and they have to make transection last night but still there is no reply even for once and no loan transection yet

Is that fraud

Publish by Malik muhammad asif 2016-04-14

Am jobis working in an american raestaurant in kuwait.. I got a loan offer from your bank is that real ? Do you have any branch in kuwait ?.... am waiting for your answere.... I say your bank is good and genuin but i have to clear my problem
Thank you

Publish by Jobis jose 2016-05-07

dear ,sir and madam.
i see ,some of them who write status for loan with annually 2 percentage of intrestes. $10000 - $20000. and that guy told me.he is from at The Atlantic Benin Bank. his gmail id is and his request for loan document fees $150 and i have to send by western union remitancess. so please this types of message is fake or real. i just want to know that.

Publish by sanjip nepali 2016-07-12

I applied for loan and now they telling me to pay some money before they transfer my loan, is it real?

Publish by Geno Vanua 2017-08-11

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