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Bank Hsbc in Bulgaria

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In Bulgaria, between some of the banks most popular is the bank Hsbc, thanks to dispose of services such as internet banking, student loans and direct trade investments.

Among the services of the bank Hsbc, we can highlight:

  • Treasury Management
  • Checking Accounts
  • Currency Exchange
  • Finance
  • Reserve Line Overdraft

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Interested in opening account in HSBC branch in Bulgaria,preferably Sofia.
Already client of HSBC,Athens,Greece.
Please provide info on possibility of opening account and how and whether you accept products such as U.S treasury bonds,HSBC mutual funds,etc.....
Thank you,KK

Publish by kostas Kyriakopoulos 2015-07-24

I'm currently is in sofia, Bulgaria. I was unable to use my Malaysia Amanah Visa debit card in any bank here. May I know where is the nearer Atm machine for HSBC in Sofia?

Publish by Asya As Surah 2016-12-25

I would like to open a bank account for my son in Sofia. Bulgaria. Is this possible? He is studying at the university in sofia.
He already holds a hsbc account in the UK.
Thank you

Publish by Assia Amla 2017-12-05

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