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Bank Sonabanque Du Senegal(sbs) in Senegal

Information about bank SONABANQUE DU SENEGAL(SBS) in Senegal. Find interesting details about SONABANQUE DU SENEGAL(SBS), and opinions from SONABANQUE DU SENEGAL(SBS) users. You can publish your own opinion, giving us your commentary about SONABANQUE DU SENEGAL(SBS) in the next link.

The bank Sonabanque Du Senegal(sbs) is one of Senegal's most important banks , thanks to dispose of products such as check card or premier line personal.

The bank Sonabanque Du Senegal(sbs) is one of the most popular, trying many products as:

  • Start Your Mortgage
  • Credit Cards
  • Financial Data Vendors
  • Business Accounts
  • Wire Transfer
  • Wealth Management

If the bank Sonabanque Du Senegal(sbs) does not fit your needs, try to visit the Banco Atlantico's bank offices in Senegal.

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Good morning I just want to let you know that there are people trying to robe by email in your name. They made people think that they have money in your bank in need to transfer to another country,so after this they ask to the person for money saying that this money will be used to make documents to do the transfer from your bank to the person. it is just trying to robe you in the Sonabanque Du Senegal{ sbs}be carreful.

Publish by orlando parra lopez 2012-05-24

Good Day, I would like to inform that there is in some Sonabanque Operations Director with the name of Jim Pape, and what would be the phone number, e.mail him so I can contact you, thank you

Publish by Paulo M Ruiz 2012-08-03

This is to confirm previous comments posted here that all data posted to this site and related to SONABANQUE DU SENEGAL is ficticous and exists only for the sole purpose of preying on those ignorant enough to be manipulated by them. After a sad story they will ask for 1500.00 USD to cover the costs to process a 6,500,000.00 USD transfer of funds. Yes, they use a JIM PAPE as the Bank contact. I have ALL contact info for all involved. If you have fallen victim to this please contact me at

Publish by Jim Daley 2013-02-27

Attn ;Dr.JIM PAPE,

My Name is Bilel Moula from Algeria ,I am contacting you on behalf of Miss Florence Martin Olds about the money deposited by her late father Mr Martin Olds, with The Account Number : 1433-00217 and Deposit Code Number EWV1003 .I am Miss Florence's foreign partner and I want to find out the possibility of transferring the money to my position, what should I do?Thanks and waiting for your response as soon as possible.

Publish by moula 2015-05-07

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