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The bank Caixa Penedes is one of Spain's most distinguished banks because it has products such as protect your good name with, investment services, treasury services and view rates.

Among the many products offered by the bank Caixa Penedes, we highlight the following:

  • Private Banking
  • Advisory Services
  • Verified By Visa
  • Remittances
  • Treasury Management
  • Boat Loans

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My name is Melanie Anderson and I am a resident of Canada. I believe I may be the victim of a scam using the good name of your bank. Could you please tell me if the person below works for one of your branches in Madrid and verify that those numbers for branch phone and fax numbers.

Phone:+34 647 046 881 Ext: 201.
Fax:+34 917 693 005

Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your attention to this matter.
Kind regards,
Melanie Anderson

Publish by Melanie Anderson 2012-10-16

Dear Sir/Madam,
It is requested that I have my some amount in Caixa Penedas Bank in Barcelona at Rambla Raval No.2 Branch. I deposited some amount during my visit before 3 years. After few transactions, now I have came back to my country, Pakistan.
Questions is for my money, how can I get this my own amount and how can I contact with my above quoted branch. Please advise me and send me contact Number and e-mail of said bank branch.

I shall be thankful to you for this kindness.

Thanks and Best Regards.

Tajammal Hussain
0092-335 5124601

Publish by HUSSAIN Tajammal 2013-07-27

Could you tell me if this person listed below is an employee of your bank. I believe we are being scammed and these people are using the good name of your bank.

Snr. Isco Martinez
The Director of Operations
Foreign Remittance Department
Banco CaixaPenedes, Madrid, Spain
Tel: 011 34 631 346 736
Fax: 011 34 911 518 473

Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you.

Diana Boehme

Publish by Diana Thompson 2016-08-30

Does Caixa bank still exist and operate since bank Sabtell bought them in 2013? Do they still have branches?

Publish by fred bryant 2017-04-01

WHAT is the relativity of the Banks referenced as CAIXA / La Caixa ,Caja Caixa,etc ? What does CAIXA mean ? advise by email,please

Publish by DON YONCE 2017-06-28

I have been emails from a Gloria Alves about a inheritance that is in your bank. I would if thee is a Snr. Gerrard Martinez working at your bank. Please send me an email asap. Thank you.

Publish by Robert Cummings 2017-07-26

Good day,
could you please confirm if the names of people above are legitimate employees of this bank Also, is there a main phone # for the bank ?
I also have a document with an address of Avda.deFerraz, s/n-15770

Thank you kindly...

Publish by Tc 2017-08-03

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