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In Senegal, between banks most important is the bank Credit Mutuel Du Senegal, thanks to dispose of products such as personal trust, condominium loans, rv loans or advisory services.

Among the services of the bank Credit Mutuel Du Senegal, we can highlight:

  • U.s. Bank Visa
  • Financial Planning
  • Direct Trade Investments
  • Resident Foreign Currency Domestic Deposits
  • Asset Management
  • U.s. Bank Visa Gift Card
  • Personal Loans

If the bank Credit Mutuel Du Senegal does not fit your needs, try to visit the Banco Atlantico's bank offices in Senegal.

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Hi,I will like to verify a counter cheque issued on the 25 march 2012 in my name,which I could send a scan copy to you for verification and transfer to my account.

Publish by Oseni babatunde sodiq 2012-04-10

Please i will like to know about credit mutuel mode of money transfer(wire transfer), the original email address of credit mutuel and the manager at scaimp city sdk branch. Moreso i will like to know how to dictate an original certificates from credit mutuel to that of the 419bittenus. Thanks! Waiting to get a reply soon. Thanks!

Publish by Uchenna 2012-06-13

How can i check the fund that tranisfer from Your bank via the sender?

Publish by Mesfin Etefa 2013-04-30

Hello i am Humphrey and i am the legal trustee of Ms Joyce Hassell Abraham.Her late father Dr Hassell Abraham he diposited amount on Nex of Kin Daughter. but the Bank statement is needed us to get the permitting from the Federal High Court concerning the legalizing of the Attorney and stamp duty from the Notary office. the lawyer neede us to pay 840 dollar but we didnt have but he told us can help us to pay 500 dollar and we will give him back now we find how the Bank can help us to pay 340 dollar can the bank help us also to the lawyer.

Publish by Humphrey Ndungu 2015-03-27


I would like to verify this message that was sent to me. See below:

We humbly wish to inform you that we received your mail in our website and we would want to get more information about your claim of an account belonging to Suleiman Affin.

Please do not hesitate to contact us today through phone or mail if you require any further information(s).
We appreciate your communication and it's truly our pleasure to serve you better.

Dr. Charles Kante
00221 763 913 144

I shall eagerly await your response. Thanking you in advance.


Publish by Colin 2015-05-27

How can i know if it true Dr. Hassell Abraham was your client and if her next of kin is miss joyce hassell on account number 22-238-809-634-578. Please let me know if this is not 419. And do you have Mr. MUHAMAD RAMADAM AND ANTORY SAMUEL WORKS FOR YOUR BANK.

Publish by DANIEL BANDA 2015-08-13

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