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The bank Habib Bank Of Senegal is one of Senegal's most distinguished banks because it has products such as student loans, debt resolution and international banking.

The bank Habib Bank Of Senegal is one of the most known, trying many services as:

  • Mastercard Securecode
  • Insurance Brokerage
  • Correspondent Banking Services
  • Mortgage Loan Options

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Could you please confirm that your bank has received a cheque to be melted into cash from one Rev. ciero Kabar?
Please confirm this as soon as possible and let me know the proceedure to use.
Waiting for your quick response on this issue or take legal action against the Bank as well as the the so call Rev. Kabar who has been using this bank for is business or scam.
Thank you .

Publish by SAMUEL ARTHUR 2012-05-07


sir i received an cheque of habib bank of Senegal. How I can verify the cheque is original or fake? Please reply me ASAP. Thanks.


Publish by Sethu 2015-04-11

Hello ,

I have a Draft Cheque from Your Bank in to my Name, Where can i take the Money with this Cheque ( 300000 USD)

Thanks for your answer...

Publish by Saljiji S. 2016-03-10

Please be adviced that I got Bank Draft for amount of 247.000.00$ issued By Habib Bank Senegal No.163679 dated 12/8/2016 send to me by one of my Friend .
Kindly advised is it possible to cashed from any Bank or it should be from your Bank any where . thank you

Publish by M.Mansour 2016-10-22

I would like to speak to Mr Usman Di0p could you send me his direct No. Or mobile . Thanks

Publish by Bakheit 2016-10-24

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